Lingua Franca is a light based installation that focuses on the subtle way the Earth tries to ‘talk’ to us. This is in a language we cannot hear, only feel. With Lingua Franca I wish to extend this conversation to one of our strongest senses — sight. By translating the ever present small tremors in the earth into light, we become aware of the conversation the earth is having with us and can engage in it. As this is a conversation, the lights do not simply flicker on and off, they glow and fade in various parts. One side may scarcely glow, while the other side shines bright. This is similar to how language and speaking works. We do not simply speak with monotonous repetitions, we all have differing ways of pronunciations, different dialects, and different tongues. This is reflected in how the lights shine in Lingua Franca. They too, will have their own nuances of language.   Skulls is the title given to the independent project I worked on with a forensic artist from the Ohio Attorney General. Skulls of Jane and John Doe's that were found with no usable DNA, were imaged via a CT scanner and the data from that scan was handed off to me. From there I would run the data through a medical imaging software in order to convert it into a usable 3D model, that model was cleaned up and then 3D printed. Once cleaned of supports the skull copy was handed back to the forensic artist, so that they could begin the facial reconstructioning process. Included below are articles a couple of news outlets ran on our process, including how one of the individuals was identified, and their case brought to a close.


News Articles:

Narciso, Dean "Investigator uses art, science to bring back the faces of the dead" Columbus Dispatch 14 July 2017. Web.

Saunders, Sarah. “Ohio Cold Case Update: Jane Doe Identified and Alleged Killers Behind Bars, Thanks to 3D Printing and Facial Reconstruction.” 3DPrint.Com, 11 Jan. 2017,